The Whinge

Look out, look out – the whinge is out,
It’s lurking over there,
It first appeared this morning when mum tried to brush my hair,
It stuck around at breakfast when my porridge was too hot,
And it joined us in the hallway when mum went to wipe my snot,
I heard it in the play park when I fell and scraped my knees,
It was right there in the kitchen when mum made me eat my peas,
It disappeared at teatime while I watched a telly show,
When I had a chocolate ice cream where it was I do not know,
But when it came to bath time I could hear it by the door,
When mum said she had to wash my hair it crept across the floor,
I heard it getting louder when I had to brush my teeth,
When I climbed into my bed I saw it hiding underneath,
It stayed there till the morning and it didn’t make a sound,
Until I woke and then it started when my feet first hit the ground.


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