Beware the drops of Weetabix,
That fall upon the floor,
The ones that fall on tables,
Or get smeared all over doors,
Weetabix is yummy when it’s in the proper place,
Safely in your tummy or wiped around your face,
But once it gets on carpets, or walls or lino too,
It sets so hard and sticks so fast, there’s nothing you can do,
When builders build their houses, they could use it on their bricks,
It’s better than cement is when you want something to stick,
Bald men should use it liberally to keep their wigs in place,
Astronauts could use it when they’re short of glue in space,
Scrape it with a chisel, scrub it with a cloth,
Once it’s set and dried though, nothing get’s it off.


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