Turning a blind eye….

There are things I choose to think about,
And some things I ignore,
Like the stair gate that we never use,
That’s shoved behind the door,
The cupboard underneath the stairs,
Try not to go in there,
That’s where all that stuff lives,
We should chuck, but never dare,
The black stuff that is always there,
Lurking in the drawer,
Each time I do the washing,
Clean it out but then there’s more,
The chaos in the attic,
The jam-packed ‘plastics’ drawer,
I don’t keep buying Tupperware,
But every day there’s more,
The pile of used up batteries,
You can’t bin them, so they stay,
Sitting on the windowsill,
Growing day by day,
It’s best to just ignore them,
There are bigger fish to fry,
Raise a glass and have a swig,
To turning a blind eye.


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