Sun cream

Washing hair is bad enough,
But when the sun comes out,
There’s torture even worse than that,
To scream and shout about,
The dreaded sun cream, steel yourself,
The battle has begun,
Sprays are best, just fire at will,
Two minutes and it’s done,
The face is slightly trickier,
You try to take great care,
But after all the wriggling,
It’s mostly in their hair,
And just when you are finished,
Even ears and neck are done,
You pile into the garden,
And there isn’t any sun . . .


2 thoughts on “Sun cream

  1. I love this, I have mixed feelings about sun cream as it’s great stuff but such a battle to get it on a lively toddler! And yes, by the time it’s all gone on properly the sun has gone for today…!

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