Father Christmas

Santa Claus is watching,
He sees everything you do,
I’d eat those peas and broccoli,
Right now if I was you,
And tidy up your toys please,
No complaining, he can hear,
He’ll drive on past the house you know,
And miss us out this year,
He really dislikes whingeing,
It’s his number one no go,
Don’t ask me how he does it,
I just know, because I know,
I might not get a present,
Fibbing may just count me out,
But then again it’s worth it,
If they’ll eat a Brussels sprout…


The Little Things

It’s the little things that get you,
They’re what make you lose your cool,
Like saying for the thousandth time,
‘Stop swinging on that stool!’
Or picking up the cushions,
From the middle of the floor,
Or hearing someone needs a wee,
Just as you lock the door,
And it’s the little things that help you,
Get a grip and muddle through,
Like an unexpected cuddle,
Or a ‘Mummy, I love you.’

Chicken pox

The pox! The pox! I’ve got the pox,
I’ve got it everywhere,
It’s even on my fingers,
And it’s spreading through my hair,
I’ve learned the chicken wriggle,
Rub your back against the wall,
Shuffle on your bottom,
But you’ll never get them all,
Don’t try to stop me scratching,
It’s the only thing I’ve got,
That and telly Mummy,
Telly helps the itch A LOT.

Sun cream

Washing hair is bad enough,
But when the sun comes out,
There’s torture even worse than that,
To scream and shout about,
The dreaded sun cream, steel yourself,
The battle has begun,
Sprays are best, just fire at will,
Two minutes and it’s done,
The face is slightly trickier,
You try to take great care,
But after all the wriggling,
It’s mostly in their hair,
And just when you are finished,
Even ears and neck are done,
You pile into the garden,
And there isn’t any sun . . .

The Party

Mummy, when’s my birthday?
For my party there will be:
A fire engine, a real one,
And the driver will be me,
Or maybe there’ll be pirates,
With a pirate ship and gun,
Or a giant bouncy castle,
Maybe swimming would be fun,
The cake will be a spider,
No, a knight one like a fort,
Or maybe it’s a car one,
Or a digger of some sort,
We’ll all eat chocolate ice cream,
Crisps and biscuits for the tea,
Get party bags with loads of things,
And there’ll be one for me.
Mummy, when’s my birthday?
Should it be a Batman one?
How long’s four months Mummy?
Isn’t planning birthdays fun.

Supermarket sleep

You know it’s nearly nap time,
But you’ve dared to roll the dice,
You need to go to Sainsbury’s,
Maybe next time you’ll think twice,
It only takes five minutes,
It’s a supermarket sweep,
But you realise as you’re paying,
Someone’s fallen fast asleep,
It’s only been two minutes,
But you know that that’s your lot,
One supermarket power nap,
No sleeping in the cot.